Adolescent Gynecology

Adolescent Gynecology

Adolescent gynecology exams can help provide guidance for teens and pre-teens during an important stage of their lives. During this period of growth, it is helpful for young women to know how their bodies are changing. Complete Women’s Care of Alabama offers adolescent gynecology services to help your family and your child navigate puberty and sexuality.

Our adolescent gynecologists provide routine examinations with compassion, sensitivity and respect for your teen. We also provide specialized treatment for children and young adults who have medical or developmental concerns regarding their reproductive health. Make an appointment for your teen online or call our office at (205) 664-9995

What is Adolescent Gynecology? 

Adolescent gynecology is a field of medicine tailored to the experiences of a young woman. During an appointment with an adolescent gynecologist, our care team will help you and your teen learn more about changes that occur during puberty, discuss any questions or concerns, and be proactive about maintaining your child’s reproductive and sexual health.

Generally, a young woman should have their first adolescent gynecology exam between 13 and 15 years old — around the time of their first menstrual cycle — unless a medical concern presents earlier. Pre-teens and teenagers who are accompanied by a parent or guardian may begin their appointment together, and then receive 1:1 consultation with the adolescent gynecologist. 

At Complete Women’s Care of Alabama, our goal is to help your teen feel safe, empowered and knowledgeable about their transition to adulthood. This means both you and your teen are always welcome to ask questions or share any concerns throughout your visit.

Adolescent Gynecology FAQs

“Are adolescent gynecology appointments the same as a well-woman exam?”

An appointment with an adolescent gynecologist is similar to a well-woman visit. We tailor the adolescent exams and conversation to the needs of your teen and use age-appropriate guidance. This means we focus on addressing their present needs, so they feel empowered to take care of their reproductive and sexual health. We also seek to establish a positive doctor-patient relationship to help support the transition to seeing an ob-gyn as an adult. 

“What can you expect during an adolescent gynecology exam?”

While every visit is different and tailored to a patient’s unique needs, some routine elements of an adolescent gynecological appointment are:

    • Updating personal or family medical history
    • Providing education and/or educational materials
    • Performing a general physical exam
    • Answering questions asked by the patient or a parent/guardian 
    • 1:1 time for the teen to meet with their gynecologist 

If your teen is sexually active, they will also have the opportunity to discuss methods of protection and screening for sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

“What questions should we ask at the first adolescent gynecologist appointment?”

Complete Women’s Care of Alabama strives to be a place where parents and teenagers are comfortable learning, asking questions and communicating concerns with their gynecologist. 

To prepare for your teen’s first appointment, here are some questions you or your teen might have:

    • “How can my young teen take care of their health?”
    • “Are my teen’s menstrual symptoms concerning?”
    • “Does it make sense to consider birth control?”
    • “Who should receive an HPV vaccine?”
    • “Should we consider STI screening, pregnancy testing or any other routine lab work?”

Schedule an Appointment with Our Adolescent Ob-gyns in Alabama 

Adolescent patients have unique medical and emotional needs. Complete Women’s Care of Alabama offers specialized care from our team of adolescent ob-gyns in Alabaster and Birmingham to make sure they receive age-appropriate guidance — ultimately, setting the foundation for young women to care for their reproductive health into adulthood.  

Looking for an ob-gyn for a teenager in Alabama? We are happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have about our adolescent gynecology services. To make an appointment, contact us online or call the office at (205) 664-9995

If your teen is ready for their first ob-gyn visit, know they will be treated with compassion and respect at Complete Women’s Care of Alabama.