Obstetric Care Services 

Obstetric Care Services

Welcoming a new baby into your family is a joyful experience. Our team at Complete Women’s Care of Alabama feels fortunate to be able to share this special time with our patients. No matter if you are currently pregnant or considering becoming pregnant, we are glad you are here. Our dedicated obstetricians are committed to ensuring the most healthy and positive pregnancy and birth experience possible for our patients.

We offer comprehensive obstetric care through every stage of pregnancy and beyond, and we have worked hard to create an excellent patient experience that marries quality care with first class facilities for office visits, deliveries and nursery care at our full-service OB-Gyn practice.

You can expect:

  • No long wait times to set appointments
  • A welcoming environment for new patients at any time during your pregnancy journey
  • Convenient parking and fast and easy check-in for appointments – using our kiosk or pre-check-in system from your phone – at both our standalone locations
  • Compassionate care from highly trained providers
  • State of the art equipment at our new Grandview location, conveniently located less than a mile from the Grandview Medical Center

To schedule an appointment, please contact Complete Women’s Care of Alabama at 205.664.9995

Obstetric Care Services in Birmingham and Alabaster

Prenatal Care

Pregnancy can be both exciting and scary! You are likely experiencing a wide range of emotions, and we want you to feel comfortable and supported. Throughout your pregnancy journey, you will meet with your doctor for regularly scheduled prenatal appointments. Find answers to frequently-asked questions about prenatal care to help you feel confident and prepared.

Routine prenatal services include:

  • Well woman exams
  • General lab tests including blood, urine and glucose
  • First and second trimester ultrasounds
  • Influenza and Tdap vaccinations
  • Monitoring of weight, heartbeat and position of baby

Labor and Delivery Services

We strive to help you feel as prepared as possible for your labor and delivery and supported in your individual birth plan. Our team will work with you, so you can feel confident and at ease when it’s time to meet your baby. No matter your preference for labor pain management – unmedicated or medicated via IV, epidural or pudendal anesthesia or delivery choice whether vaginal birth, elective Cesarean section (C-Section) or VBAC (Vaginal Birth after C-section), the doctors at Complete Women’s Care of Alabama are here to provide you with exceptional care and the best birthing experience for both mom and baby. We can also help you prepare for the arrival your baby with childbirth and new mom classes.

Specialized Obstetric Services

Though every new mom hopes for a smooth pregnancy, all pregnancies come with some level of risk. Some risks may be recognizable early on (or even prior to pregnancy) – such as being pregnant with multiples, having a history of difficult prior pregnancies or being over the age of 35. However, complications could also arise during your pregnancy. No matter if you present with a complication in the first or third trimester, we are well equipped to provide appropriate services for your high risk pregnancy.

Postpartum Care

Our team at Complete Women’s Care of Alabama is dedicated to providing ongoing support and medical care to you after you give birth. From assistance with breastfeeding to ensuring your wellness and long-term health – both physical and emotional – to helping you make informed decisions about family planning and so much in between, we offer postpartum services to help you make a healthy transition into parenthood.

Helping Build Happy, Healthy Families

The OB-Gyns and staff at Complete Women’s Care of Alabama feel privileged to help women in the Birmingham community grow their families.

Our skilled physicians are currently accepting new patients. If you are interested in meeting one of our obstetricians, navigating financial questions or learning more about our obstetric care services, please contact Complete Women’s Care of Alabama at 205.664.9995. We look forward to partnering with you to help you thrive as you expand your family.